How To Clean Gold Jewelry

We all want to have nice things. The gold jewelry that we have is often an expensive and prized possession. We should all take the utmost care of our gold jewelry.
To care for your precious jewelry it is crucial that you know how to clean it the correct way. Improper cleaning of gold jewelry can cause it to tarnish or look dull.
Gold is different from other metals and requires different cleaning techniques. If you want to know how to clean gold jewelry here are some helpful tips.

Why Cleaning Your Gold is a Good Idea

Since gold is expensive you want it to look as good as possible
If you use lotions, play outside, paint, etc, your gold jewelry to accumulate dirt and debris.
Lotion and soap ingredients can soak into your jewelry and discolor a gold ring over time. You must clean it every 6 to 8 months to prevent this from happening. Especially if you wear it daily.
Everyday dirt and dust can also accumulate on your gold jewelry and reduce its shine. Cleaning your jewelry can help restore it to its optimal condition and keep it looking new.

Cleaning Gold Jewelry At Home

If you want convenience you can choose to clean your jewelry at home. Cleaning your jewelry pieces at home is easy if you have the ingredients and follow the steps below.
Here are the steps you must follow to clean your gold jewelry pieces at home.
#1) Mix dawn dish detergent in warm water. #2) Add 2 or 3 drops of ammonia to the mixture. #3) Dip a soft-bristled toothbrush into the mixture. #4) Use the toothbrush to brush the gold jewelry pieces. #5) Rinse the gold jewelry in warm, clean water. #6) Dry the gold jewelry after rinsing it in the water.

Benefits of Cleaning Gold Jewelry At Home

If you have a lot of precious jewelry it could be expensive to take to a jeweler to get it cleaned. Cleaning your jewelry at home allows you to clean as much jewelry as you want. You can clean antique gold jewelry, new gold jewelry, and the jewelry that you wear every day.
Another benefit of cleaning all your jewelry at home is convenience. You do not need to leave your home and you can immediately wear the jewelry after you clean it. You likely already have all the ingredients in your home so you will not need to make a trip to the store. It also saves you from the expensive cleaning fees charged by a jeweler.

How To Clean Gold Jewelry with Gemstones

If your jewelry has gemstones inside of the gold you may need to get a professional to help you clean them. Since gemstones are all different the cleaning products you can use on them may be different. Your jeweler can help you find the best way to clean their jewelry pieces.

What To Avoid When Cleaning Gold

If you are cleaning your gold pieces there are some things that you should always avoid. Using these products can cause damage to your gold and make you wish you had never tried to clean them.
Here are some of the top products to avoid on your gold.
#1) Chlorine: Chlorine can discolor your gold jewelry and should always be avoided. Even if your jewelry is pure gold, chlorine can damage your jewelry.
#2) Soap: Soap, other than dawn dish detergent, is full of unknown chemicals and ingredients. Using a soap that has not been tested and approved to clean gold jewelry can have many negative consequences for your jewelry.
#3) Sulfur: Sulfur is another dangerous chemical that can cause discoloration of your gold jewelry. This should be avoided when cleaning your gold.
While these should be avoided when cleaning your gold, they should also be avoided in everyday life when wearing your gold pieces.
If you clean with chlorine bleach, apply medicated lotions to your skin, or swim in chlorine pools it is always best to remove your gold jewelry. Wearing your jewelry that is made of gold one time may not cause harm, but wearing it on a continual basis could permanently ruin your jewelry.
It is always better to be safe than sorry. If you remember, remove your jewelry before doing any of these everyday activities.

How To Get Your Gold Jewelry Professionally Cleaned

If you have owned your gold jewelry for a long time and are looking to get it professionally cleaned you can typically bring your jewelry into any jeweler. If you have a jeweler that you visit often and trust you should go there.
Oftentimes, if you bought an expensive piece of jewelry the jeweler you bought it from may offer you free cleanings for life. This is great because it allows you to keep your jewelry looking its best at all times.
If you don’t know where you purchased your jewelry or you do not visit a jeweler frequently you can stop by a neighborhood jewelry store. All you need to do is walk in and ask them if they offer professional cleanings for gold jewelry. Almost all of the time they do.

Benefits Of Professional Cleanings

If you want your jewelry to sparkle and shine like new you should invest in professional cleaning. Professional cleanings help your jewelry look their very best. The professionals are able to get into every single crack and crevice to remove all dirt and debris that could be stuck in your jewelry from years and years of wear.
The professionals have all of the high end tools necessary to clean jewelry. They also have the experience of how to clean almost every single type of jewelry.
If you have an important meeting or occasion in the near future you may want to get your ring professionally cleaned so that you can make a great first impression.
Remember, all jewelers do not have on-site cleaning and some places may send their jewelry away to get cleaned. Estimate about one week for cleanings and leave yourself enough time to get the jewelry back before you really need it again.

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