Golden Night for N.A.G. Graduates

Golden Night for N.A.G. Graduates

N.A.G. graduates celebrated in style last week at a lavish awards ceremony held at Goldsmiths' Hall in London. The students, who have recently completed the JET 2, JET Gemstone, JET Management or JET Valuation courses, were joined by the first ever recipients of the Institute of Registered Valuer Fellow certificates at the annual event in front of family, friends, tutors, colleagues and other N.A.G. members.

N.A.G. Education and Training Chairman Mark Adlestone welcomed the assembled guests in the auspicious Livery Hall, before Association President Robert Croydon handed graduates their diplomas, followed by a drinks reception in the Drawing Room.

Michael Hoare, chief executive of the N.A.G. said, "I applaud all the graduates on their achievement and for their commitment to excellent customer service. Customers don't always know who to trust when buying jewellery or requesting valuations, but by asking if the person serving has the Professional Jewellers' Diploma, they know they will get the right advice, information and support."

The coveted Greenough Trophy was also awarded to Rex Porter of A W Porter & Sons, Hartley, Hampshire. The long standing Trophy, which was first presented in 1946, is awarded to the candidate with the highest aggregate marks in the Association's Professional Jewellers' Diploma programme. This year there was tough competition for the award with 84% of candidates passing the exams in October 2008 compared to 74% in October 2007, even though more candidates sat the exam in October 2008.

Full details and photos of the awards can be found in the April edition of the Jeweller Magazine or for members at the new JET Courses Facebook group: then search for JET courses.


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