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The National Association of Goldsmiths' relaunch of its 20 year old Registered Valuer Scheme as the N.A.G.'s Institute of Registered Valuers was strongly supported by the 170+ delegates who attended the N.A.G. Conference for Valuers & Jewellers in September.

The environment in which the N.A.G. regulates and monitors valuation services has changed over the lifetime of the old scheme, and having conducted a root and branch review of the market, the new Institute takes on board some of the far-reaching reforms suggested by the Association's research. Its principal objective, however, remains the promotion of professionalism amongst valuers and public alike.

Throughout research and development the guiding principles were that the new Institute had firstly to be focused on the valuations market and be professional, transparent and supportive of the N.A.G.'s principles. Therefore, the main drivers which have remodelled the initiative are: strong growth in demand for valuations; the greater influence of insurance companies in the market; and a need to reassure the public that valuations are being undertaken by recognised and qualified professionals.

From the valuer's point of view, the new Institute's objectives had to be transparent, credible and easily understood. In addition its development has continually and consistently ensured the new Institute recognises the wealth of valuing experience that has accumulated within the Association's membership and did not in any way disadvantage current practitioners. The new body is a dynamic and changing entity contained within a solid structure and framework, but growing and flexing in response to change and market demands will be the key to ensuring that on its 40th anniversary the N.A.G.'s Institute of Registered Valuers is as relevant as in its 21st year.

Chairman of the N.A.G. Valuations Committee, Jonathan Lambert, said, "The N.A.G. has worked tirelessly to improve the standards of jewellery valuations for over 20 years. The launch of the new Institute is without doubt the most progressive step made to-date to unify the whole industry towards one goal; valuing excellence and professionalism."

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