The Top 6 Places To Sell Your Cartier Jewelry

Diamonds are forever so the ads go. Especially if they are Cartier, the premier name in diamonds alongside Van Cleef & Arpels.

But what if those shiny diamonds represent nothing more than bad memories, arguments, fighting, or worse, a cheating spouse. As a gift of a love bracelet, Cartier earrings, a gorgeous Cartier tank watch, or an engagement ring. Then get rid of it.

Jewelry, particularly Cartier jewelry, is a gift thousands of women would love to have. But why hold on to that Cartier Love bracelet if no love for it remains?

Don’t be attached to non-sentimental jewelry

We can’t emphasize this enough… even if your ex gave you the Hope Diamond, keeping old jewelry from your ex is never a good idea. And don’t try to pawn it off on your son or daughter or favorite niece either.

Let them start fresh. Sell your Cartier jewelry and pay off a credit card bill or two, take a vacation to the Bahamas, or use it to put down a healthy down payment on a car.
Do anything sensible but throw your Cartier jewelry into a dusty jewelry box and bury it into the backyard.

How to sell Cartier jewelry

Let’s say you agree to sell Cartier jewelry you are no longer attached to. How? Many people know that diamonds, in general, have a low resale value. Obtaining 25 percent or less of the price you paid at a local jeweler is normal

The good news is there are sources that pay better than average for diamonds, particularly for Cartier diamonds.

In just a few minutes we’ll share two great places to sell your diamonds and get top dollar.

Why do diamonds sell at such a low price?

Here’s the deal.

First, contrary to what popular jewelry companies advertise, diamonds are not exactly rare.

Way back into the late 1880s, and lasting until at least the 1960s, the diamond market was controlled by De Beers Consolidated Mines Limited in South Africa.

De Beers was involved in all aspects of diamond mining, but in particular, they had a world monopoly on supply. Although rubies, emeralds and sapphires, De Beers through its control on world supply, artificially kept the price of diamonds high.

Diamond mines have opened in Russia, Australia, and Canada as well as the traditional African mines, and De Beers, which held control of 80 percent of the diamond market all the way till 1980 now has less than 60 percent.

So number 1, diamonds are not so rare.

Diamonds are bought in bulk be jewelry houses

Diamonds not being rare is not all. In addition, large jewelry chains buy their diamonds wholesale and in bulk.

Although percentages vary, a typical diamond store typically charges a premium of 100 to as high as 250 percent on their diamonds.

So a $2,000 diamond they sell a young couple for their wedding may cost them as little as $500 to $800. If you, in turn, offer to sell them a used diamond, why should they pay you even $500 for a used diamond when they can buy an unused stone for less?

In order to maintain their profit margin, the vast majority of jewelry stores will not touch a used diamond. They leave used diamonds to the secondary market.

Sell a Cartier Diamond at a Pawn Shop

The first and most obvious place to sell a Cartier Diamond is at a pawn shop. There are nearly 10,000 pawn shops and they make their money in two ways, either by charging a hefty amount of interest for loaning you money for perhaps 30 days.

The second is by selling things like diamond rings that people do not recover from their loan.

Pawnshops have a reputation for selling items cheaply, so you can expect as little as a 13 to 15 value on your Cartier jewelry.

Because Cartier is a premium brand, you may get $50 or $75 more than if you sell a pawnshop an ordinary diamond ring, but don’t expect to get much more.

About the only advantage of selling your Cartier baubles at a pawnshop is you can generally do a quick sale.

Sell your Cartier diamonds on Craigslist

The catch of Craigslist.

Another popular site for selling your Cartier diamonds is Craigslist. Craigslist has over 700 sites in 70 countries and is the 1lth most popular website in the entire United States.

Craigslist makes the majority of its money on charging for paid advertising for job postings and charges nothing to sell a diamond ring, a car, or a collection of top 100 baseball cards.

Since it’s free to advertise a Cartier ring on Craigslist and free for bargain hunters to comb its pages, thousands upon thousands of people go to it to buy everything, including diamonds.

The Austin Texas addition of Craigslist, which covers around 2 million people typically has around 100 diamond rings advertised for sale per day.

The good news is that the Cartier brand is well known to both pros and amateurs. The bad news is that like Pawnshop customers, they expect to buy cheap.

In addition, many buyers are meeting people out in the street or McDonalds to buy a Cartier ring, and many sellers have no documentation that it is one, a genuine Cartier piece. And secondly, that it is not stolen.

Also a great many people get conned by buying an ordinary ring in a Cartier Box, which also may or may not be authentic.

For all these reasons, Craigslist is a place to garner quick cash for your Cartier Jewelry but most people see considerably more downsides using this site.

Selling your Cartier jewelry at auction

Another way to sell your Cartier jewelry is at auction, and many auctions to attract sophisticated buyers who can appreciate your finer Cartier jewelry.

The major problem with auctions are that a typical auction house charges a 15 percent fee for selling an exquisite Cartier Watch or Ring, and there is no guarantee the auction is large enough garner a sale.

So what’s the best solution to selling your Cartier diamond?

There are two online places to sell your Cartier jewelry, the first is called Worthy at https://www.worthy.com/. The second is called Cash for Diamonds USA at https://cashfordiamondsusa.com/What are the stories of these two buying companies? We’ll begin with Worthy, our all-around favorite.

Worthy does not buy your Cartier diamonds direct. Rather they are an auction house that features your jewelry at auction.

The first thing to know is that Worthy’s customer base isn’t your ordinary Joe off the street. Rather most of them are in the business of diamonds and will buy yours and most likely reset the diamonds into one of their customer’s preferred settings.

There are several reasons to use Worthy. First, the Cartier name is known among the buyers at these auctions.

Second, Worthy does all of the work. When you send in your diamonds via UPS, backed by $100,000 worth of insurance, the first thing they do is carefully clean your jewelry.

Next, they have your diamonds graded by the highest caliber industry experts. And even if you change your mind, you get an official copy of the grading.

They then take high-quality photographs of your diamonds and prepare a quality auction description.

You as the seller set the reserve price, or you can allow Worthy to set a price for you.

Since this is an auction, there is a good chance you will get more than your reserve price and you do get the difference if your Cartier diamond sells higher. You are committed, however, to selling if your reserve price is met.

Most people find they get a significantly better price overall through a Worthy auction than all of the other methods of attempting to sell their jewelry.
And the process is virtually effortless.

If you do need a quick sale, Cash for Diamonds USA is your best alternative. Simply contact them, tell them what you have for sale and they will send a US Postal Service Safe Pack with insurance for the estimated value.

One Cash for Diamonds USA receives your diamonds they will either send you a check or if you prefer, send you an electronic check within one day after receiving your diamonds.

If you are unsatisfied with their offer, simply return their check and they will return your diamond.

Comparing the two services, we prefer Worthy to sell Cartier jewelry. The prices are better, the service is better, and In addition, if you regularly are in the business of buying diamonds, contact Worthy to find out how you can bid on various auctions.

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