Top 5 Sites To Sell Jewelry Online

A few years ago you could only sell jewelry to people that lived in your general area, and that limited your customers a lot.

Now, jewelry is one of the highly sold consumer goods via the internet. The trading of jewelry online has become a lucrative business. The competition among sellers is also huge.

As a jewelry seller, you need the best place to sell jewelry online. There are hundreds of sites, and each has its merits and demerits which a seller needs to consider.

There is no need to worry! We are going to provide a perfect guide on the best online places to sell your jewelry. Let’s get to it!

1. CashforgoldUSA

CashforgoldUSA is a noble choice for any type of gold jewelry. The company is A+ rated by BBB and offers the best prices in the market. It is renowned for its experience in buying jewelry for over thirty years.

Considered the best site to sell jewelry that is less than $1500 because it doesn’t have a minimum set value.

It is an impeccable market for modest items.

What you need to do is register on their website. You then receive an insured shipping kit and send your item. After receipt of the product, they send a quotation, and when you accept their offer, they send money to your bank, PayPal, or via a check.

However, if the price doesn’t make the client happy, they send the goods back for free.

The site has a calculator and free insured shipping by USPS.

2. Worthy

Worthy is the most recommended place for selling jewelry via the internet. It has the most advanced technology and excellent buyers from across the world. This ensures that the seller gets the highest price possible from the highest bidder.

They also have an instant buy option for the seller.

The fees are 5-15% depending on the jewelry’s value. The higher the value, the lower the fees charged.
Worthy has excellent customer service and has an A+ rating from the BBB. They have free insured shipping with USPS and FedEx too.

You just need to confirm the price of your jewelry on their website, and if it is exciting, you register and receive a shipping kit. When they receive the item, they send an appraisal and auction price. When you are in agreement, they auction the item, and when it’s brought, payment is made within 24 hours.

3. CashfordiamondsUSA

This is a sister site to CashforgoldUSA. It is a great choice to get fast money and trustworthy services. Also, they have been in the jewelry buying market for over thirty years. They have a strong reputation in the USA’s diamond industry.

They offer great prices for items and pays within 24 hours after receiving the jewelry.

They pay the seller a 10% bonus if they ship their jewelry within seven days.

They offer insurance for items up to $5,000 and free FedEx shipping.

CashfordiamondsUSA has excellent customer service, and when the seller is not satisfied with the offer, they guarantee the return of items.

The process of how it works is considerably similar to that of CashforgoldUSA because they are sites owned by the same company.

4. ExpressGoldCash.com

ExpressGoldCash.com is also highly rated by BBB and guarantees the seller an excellent price for their gold. They are known for reasonable customer satisfaction.

They offer free insurance for items up to $100,000 and have a return policy in case a seller is not satisfied with the offered cash value.

It is a superb choice for safe and quick gold transactions for unwanted silver, gold, and platinum jewelry. The seller receives payment within 24 hours after they receive the item.

ExpressGoldCash.com pays up to 85% of the refined value of the gold product and 90% for gold bullion. The lesser the value of the jewelry item to be sold, the lower the payout.

The process of how it works is similar to other sites because you need to calculate value and register. After registration, shipping is done, and an offer is made. After a successful agreement, the money is instantly sent.

5. WP Diamonds

At WP Diamonds, you can sell loose jewelry pieces, and they buy it directly without waiting for a buyer. The company offers fairly good prices without charging extra fees.

They have a transparent system and offer shipping insurance to goods up to $100,000.

The company does not sell jewelry on auction and can be considered to be similar to the regular jewelry pawn shops.

For instant payment, you can walk in the WP Diamonds shop near you and sell your jewelry.

The process is the same when it comes to registering and receiving a shipping kit. The shipping is freely insured by FedEx, and the appraisal is filmed for the purpose of seller protection.

Unlike worthy, they have an internal specialist who values the pieces. This process can be biased, considering the specialists are internal. Third-party specialists are commendable when it comes to valuation.

FAQ’s about selling jewelry online

How to tell if a diamond is real

Several individuals have been scammed in the diamond buying and selling marketplace. There are lower value and fake diamonds all over the market.

To tell if the diamond is real, you can blow warm breathe on it. Real diamond disperses fog quickly while fake diamond lets the fog settle for a few seconds.

You can drop the stone in a glass with water, and if the stone floats, it’s fake. Real diamonds will sink in water.

Heating the stone with a lighter then dropping it in a glass of cold water can also tell if the diamond is genuine. A real diamond is strong and hence will resist extreme temperature change. A fake diamond will shatter immediately; it gets into the cold water.

You can also check using a loupe, which is a small magnifying device used by most jewelry sellers. It works just the magnifying lens and helps find inclusions on the stone. Mined diamonds have natural and tiny imperfections. Fake diamonds are lab created and hence tend to lack imperfections due to controlled environments.

How to tell if your gold is real

Since the dawn of time, there have been gold counterfeits all over. Below are ways we have identified that can assist in checking whether your gold is real.

First, check for a gold stamp either on the inside or backside of your jewelry item. The stamp is usually the carat number. The gold item’s hallmark is usually a number followed by a “K” such as 12K or 24K. A 24K would be 100% pure gold, while 12K will be half gold.

Using a magnet test is applicable because gold is not magnetic, and if your jewelry gets drawn to the magnet, it is fake.

Hold your gold coin or jewelry to a flame of a burner or lighter for a while. Real gold will become white-hot and then darken. Fake gold will darken or even change color after heat exposure. If it were plated, the plating would melt over the heat.

Get your jewelry appraised

Getting your jewelry appraised is imperative in order to know the valuation, description, and quality of the item. It’s essential in determining a fair price to be paid for your jewelry.

We would not recommend individual appraisers or local jeweler’s appraisal. Professional appraisers are reliable. Do your research before engaging one so as to hire the one that specializes in the type of jewelry item you have.

Make sure you get the cost of the appraisal beforehand and always ask to have the appraisal in writing.

However, the reliable and affordable way to get an appraisal is by working with buyers who offer complimentary appraisals. Worthy.com provides free GIA and IGI laboratory reports which are free of charge.

Selling your jewelry locally vs. online

The online market is fast, reliable, and responsive compared to the local market. However, for the local market, it might be easy to get instant money because you walk into the local jeweler and come out with your money. You might not get a good price, though!

Selling jewelry via the internet is profitable, especially for precious metals and diamonds. You can make significant profits from items ranging from unwanted jewelry to handmade jewelry.

The local pawn shop can be a faster way to get money for your jewelry, but we will recommend online selling for better prices.

Internet selling is not only easy to work with but also fun. You can get several quotations from a wide range of sites, which gives you a chance to choose the best rate for your item. You only need to take time to research the online market and understand different places and their specializations.

However, there are challenges, such as fraud. Therefore it is important to work with reputable companies with 100% honest and A+ rating by BBB such as CashforgoldUSA.com and Worthy.com.

Why work with an online jewelry buyer

Working with a reputable and trusted jewelry buyers like Worthy.com and CashforgoldUSA.com is recommendable. We understand how confusing and scary it is to decide on the right jewelry buyer with scammers flooding the internet market.

We recommend these sites because they are reliable, transparent, and well-rated. Working with an internet jewelry buyer guarantees good profits, and selling is made easier.

There is a huge number of vetted buyers on websites such as Worthy.com, and they bid for the jewelry item. The highest bidder takes the item as opposed to getting a single offer locally. You can also get a free appraisal to make you understand the resale value of your jewelry. Sites like Worthy.com give a free IGI and GIA certified laboratory report.

Selling jewelry online safely

Safety is a vital element to consider when selling jewelry online.

Worry not! Here are some safety tips to consider.

First and foremost, ensure that the online company is accredited and rated by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). A company with an A+ BBB rating such as CashforgoldUSA and Worthy are deemed suitable and trustworthy.

Research and check customer reviews on the site before engaging the company. If the company does not have reviews or rather has negative reviews, do not trade with them. Ensure that your jewelry will be insured and, in most cases, for free, and shipping is done by trustworthy carriers such as FedEx.


Looking for a reputable online seller that will help you know where to sell jewelry safely, quickly, and at a fair price?

CashforgoldUSA and Worthy are precisely the best sites. They have been in the online marketplace for a long time and have been rated A+. They ensure 100% satisfaction, best prices, and payment is completed within 24 hours.

These platforms have qualified bidders, thus offering high prices for sellers. They have unique and excellent customer service too.

Besides, Worthy offers free third party laboratory information from GIA or IGI, making it the best place to sell jewelry online.

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