...what is an IRV?


An IRV (Institute Registered Valuer) is a qualified, experienced and knowledgeable expert in whom you can trust.

Jewellery valuations require expertise and discipline in order to ensure that descriptions are precise, identifications correct and measurements accurate.

  • To become an IRV Member (MIRV) the following pre-requisites are required of the applicant:
    • The Certificate of Appraisal Theory (CAT) or the Professional Jewellers’ Valuation Diploma (this qualification has been replaced by CAT).  Click here for full details on CAT  and here for an enrolment form.
    • A minimum of five years experience in the jewellery trade/industry.
    • A gemmological qualification (which must include practical hands-on identification of some kind)*.
    • A diamond grading training certificate (which must include practical hands-on grading/assessment of some kind)*.
    • Applicants will also be required to submit sample valuations.

There is an application fee to pay.

*Suggested courses/qualifications can be found here.

  • All IRVs must amass Continuing Professional Development points.
  • An MIRV can graduate to IRV Fellow (FIRV) status by completing a Continuing Professional Development Plan within a specified period: this includes a Grade A pass (85%+) in the Institute's monitoring exercise  From 2017 they also have to have been an MIRV for at least three years.  To find out more about Fellow status and for a current list of FIRVs click here.
  • All IRVs must submit examples of their valuation work for inspection and approval by the Institute on a regular basis.
  • All IRVs must abide by the NAJ's Principles of Good Practice for Valuers

Want to know more about joining the Institute?  Please email irv@naj.co.uk.

(All valuers who were members of the Association's original Registered Valuers Scheme automatically became IRV Members when the Institute was launched in September 2008.)


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